Am I safe from Obamacare if I have less than 50 employees?

by David Rothwell, MD
I don’t have 50 employees so I am ok….right?
David Rothwell, M.D.

David Rothwell, M.D.

If you have less than 50 full time equivalent (FTE) employees, you do not have to provide health insurance to them. Whether you have 2 or 50, you are not mandated.  Many small business owners provide health insurance as a benefit for just a few key employees. The remainder are left to get their own. With the Affordable Care Act now coming into play, these employees are now required by law to have qualified health insuranceThis means no mini-med plans.  No catastrophic only plans.  A plan must be qualified and cover basic preventive health needs along with a host of other benefits.  In fact, health insurance companies will be unlikely to even put a non-qualified plan on the market.  Why would they?

So you’re in the clear…right?  In a sense, yes.  It’s not your responsibility, after all. There will be that national health insurance exchange. The same market for individual health insurance that is predicted to cost your employees 50-100% more in 2014.  Even with some subsidation, these exchange options are going to be very expensive. Too expensive for most.
Solutions? One excellent option is to look at group plans for your employees.  Even if you don’t pay for this benefit, this will give them potentially a much more affordable health benefit they otherwise couldn’t afford. In fact, if your company makes on average $50,000 per employee and you have under 25 FTEs, you qualify for significant tax credits.  50% in 2014! 
Salerno Health partners with a qualified health insurance plan managed through a broker that compliments our benefits and allows for 30-50% savings over your current plan or quotes for group coverage.  How?  We take care of the most common health care needs of our members.  We allow for insurance to take care of those more expensive, less common health issues that health insurance was intended for all along. Your employees and their families now have an excellent health benefit that meets their needs. For the employer, this option allows for potential money back in your pocket at year end. For small businesses, that is unheard of!
If this interests you, call us today at 405-607-4455 and ask for Mark Maxted.  He’ll give you a free quote on providing this option to your employees. Even if they pay for this through you, their employer, they now have a qualified health benefit and no longer have to search on their own for health insurance, which can help with employee retention and job satisfaction, too. It’s a win-win for employer and employee.
David Rothwell, M.D.
Managing Partner
Salerno Health
6307 Waterford Blvd, Ste. 127
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
405-607-4455 (main)
405-730-5257 (fax)

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